“You are what you do repeatedly. 
So your excellence isn’t an act, it’s a habit."


 ACTING, just like any other art form,

is constantly changing...growing in new directions. 

 Today's professional actor must be fearless

and  infinitely creative to work in their field.

From the worldwide movement-based theatre

trend to psychological, fantasy, and science

fiction films, a gigantic imagination, ability to

launch oneself bravely into whatever creative

vision a director has, and the  developed skills

to do so is absolutely REQUIRED now. 

But where is the training?

Or, if it was found, and the artist was developed ...

why does that training suddenly stop?

A dancer takes classes every day.

A singer practices scales every day.

A writer must write every day.

But an actor somehow completes their training

and is now "actor"? This does not make sense.

Actors also need to train daily and challenge themselves not only to stay electric and viable

for work, but to feed their minds and spirits.